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I have been a practicing goldsmith since 1983. Early in my studies I fell in love with working directly with metal. This love has led me to focus my practice on anticlastic raising and fabrication.

Anticlastic raising is a term that essentially conveys the effect of using precious metals plasticity to transform flat sheet into compound curves. Those compound curves move in opposite directions, (visualize a saddle shape). The result of this technique is the creation of wearable sculpture that transitions gracefully from thicker sections to thin. My particular design sensibility leads me to curvilinear forms with a muted angular theme.


I personally make each piece by hand. My designs frequently incorporate pearls as I believe that they compliment the form of the design and vice versa. Small diamond accents are sometimes used. The work is skill and labor intensive which allows for only a small production of work, approximately 250 pieces annually.


In addition to making my work available online, I participate in juried art shows throughout the US. My work is available at a very limited number of galleries.

I encourage you to reach out with any questions.

I am grateful for the many goldsmiths from whom I have learned much and for the encouragement to pursue my dreams from my father Robert Anderson.

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